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T4-SINCE 2002

T4lighting Company founded in 2002,specialized in manufacturing the top metal spinning lamp.T4lighting is one of the top ten brands in China goal we persue:permanent quality and infinite service.Be your most comprehensive and reliable supplier in China,providing high quality products and comprehensive services for you.Our mission:provide the top metal spinning lamp.Our vision:happy work and keep growing,become the top metal spinning manufacturer of lighting.Our values:self-improvement ,sunshuine,thanksgiving,win-win.Our belief:we have ability to make the world be better.




The founder of T4lighting,Jack Huang,has been engaged in lighting manufacturing for over 15 years.He is not only a professional mould manufacturing engineer,but also has management skills.One of Huang’s most important work convictions is continuous improvement,which is also the code of conduct for the T4lighting company.T4lighting Company is a member of national professional engineer and senior international designer.Their presence provides high quality service for the customer,at the same time of meet customers’ changing needs,lead to higher profits for the customer with higher quality products.T4lighting has the spirit of craftsman,shows strength by tech,gets the quality from 99% to 99.99%,concentrates on making and leans into the soul.The craftsman’s way of T4lighting is that always keep the attitude of pursuing perfection in the infinite perfection.The production of a perfect lighting begins at the source,T4lighting acts the role of precision to control every part,every process,every assembly.




T4lighting provides the top metal spinning lamp for customers.It depends on our strong independent power production.Integrated production:T4lighting has a full set of mould and machining equipment,such as CNC machining center,CNC lathe,milling machine,grinding machine,edm,line cutting machine,spinning machine,punching machine,polishing machine and sand machine,etc.Intelligent control:T4lighting uses ERP system to enable auxiliary management,from manufacturing to sales,implement the integration of management and make management meticulous precision,realize scientific management optimization.Optimized quality control:T4lighting is decorated with a comprehensive quality management plan,and the ISO9000 quality management system is introduced.