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about us

T4lighting Company founded in 2002, ,experiential and is specialized in providing mold manufacture and metal product sourcing solutions to OEMs, distributors and wholesalers.

Our Leader—Jack Huang, who devoted himself to mold manufacture for over 13 years. Being an professional mold manufacture engineer and good management , he founded T4lighting company. One of Jack Huang's most important work faith is continuous improvement, which also is t4lighting company's way to live.

We have enough equipments and several experiential and professional engineers and designers,it make us can provide OEM services regarding customers' specifications or Drawings,and meet their changing needs and maximize their values effective.

Our mission is to bring high quality products and comprehensive services at competitive price to meet our clients' product development and cost cutting needs.

As your most comprehensive and reliable supplier in China, we provide you comprehensive products and service in many scopes,and meet your production needs in various production process and material.
production process that we can offer are die-casting, Permanent mold casting,sand casting,plastic injection, spinning,stamping,machining, etc. Materials that we are manufacturing include aluminium,zinc alloy, brass, steel, stainless steel, and types of plastic and resin.